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As a result of deinstitutionalization, Fellowship House was founded in 1973 through a Community Support Program grant awarded to the Mental Health Association of Dade County. Patterned after the clubhouse model, it soon became independently incorporated and was designated as a demonstration project for the State of Florida by the National Institute of Mental Health.

“I believe that all individuals have something to offer”. At Fellowship House, we assist adults with severe and persistent psychiatric disabilities and individuals who have co-occurring substance abuse disorders get off the streets, manage their mental illness, beat their addictions, maintain employment and prove first hand our motto that “Everyone has something to offer”.

Like John; who always aspired to go back to college but thought that because of his mental illness he would have to give up his dream. After coming to Fellowship House and receiving an array of support services he is now living independently, owns his own car, and is actively pursuing a degree in Psychology at Miami-Dade Community College.

Fellowship House members want to continue to prove that recovery from mental illness is achievable. Please assist us to carry on providing services to such an underserved and sometimes forgotten population by donating your time and money to our cause. With your help, we can continue to prove to our community that “Everyone has something to offer”.

                                     Publio M. Santana, President/CE)

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