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Offers a variety of employment interventions to meet individual rehabilitation goals and assists members to obtain and maintain jobs in the community. The employment staff assist with; job skill assessment and planning, job development, job placement, job coaching, work-site accommodations, and on-going supportive follow along services. In addition, staff work with the employers to ensure that their business needs are being addressed and that the worker is able to perform the tasks of the job. The goal of this service is to provide individualized supportive services that will assist the member to achieve successful employment outcomes.


Assists members with mental health treatment and therapeutic services. Services include; consultation and evaluation, medication management, treatment plan review, individual and group therapy. The goal of psychotherapeutic services is to increase insight about coping with psychiatric disabilities and prevention of relapse. Specialized services are also provided to individuals with co-occuring disorders to prevent a crisis or psychiatric decompensation.


Case managers are trained to assess, coordinate, advocate and plan for services as indicated in the client's individualized service plan and assessment. These services may include: psychiatric, health care, substance abuse, housing, education, vocational training, resources and entitlements, legal, transportation and other supportive services as necessary. The goal is to ensure an improvement in the client's quality of life and their autonomy. These services are provided in the location that meets the needs of the clients. Case managers also coordinate crisis services as needed.


Fellowship House offers a continuum of residential settings ranging from highly supervised group homes to more independent satellite apartments. All residences are integrated into the community. The members are assisted with skills associated with daily living, i.e. education regarding self-care living skills, interpersonal communication, personal hygiene, grooming and tenant living skills. Staff give the residents the support and assistance necessary to help individuals become increasingly independent in community living. The goal is to provide safe, secure and affordable housing to the individuals served.

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